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21 Dec 2023

An open floor plan house with plenty of light and vast open space is what many homebuyers and renters wish for. However, the open floor plan is not always an easy one to pull together. If it’s laid out well, your space can miss delivering the warmth and comfort you’re aiming for. Wayne’s Home can help you bring that comfort and warmth to your home today with must-have furniture in Coastal Virginia. Wayne’s Home is your one-stop shop for indoor and outdoor furniture!


Sofa sectionals are steadily becoming essential furniture choices for any living room, family room, or playroom. Sectional sofas are stylish, comfortable, and provide maximum seating for entertaining any size group of friends or family members! In addition, although many have similar shapes, they vary significantly by size and style, so you pick the one that speaks to you and accentuates your home’s atmosphere.


If you choose to entertain often in your open floor plan, you should consider adding a buffet, which comes in handy for storage needs without cluttering up your open spaces. Buffet furniture ensures your space looks unique and organized while you will have the flexibility of an additional serving space for dining, parties, and more!


It’s rare to find an open floor plan without a bar section, and bar stools are an essential finishing touch. Bar stools have evolved from simple diner styles to more versatile options that deliver comfort and aesthetics to your home and for your use. In addition, bar stools can be used in several places including at workplaces, salons, garden areas, reception areas, and more. Thus, a bar stool serves as an excellent piece of furniture that not only gives a unique look but saves space and offers many uses in an open floor plan space.


Sofa tables are another essential choice in an open floor plan, as they add storage and design without giving you the feeling that the living room is sectioned off or cluttered. Sofa tables are also ideal spaces to display candy dishes, your favourite books, souvenirs, and to place drinks or snacks while you sit on the sofa.

Laying out an open floor plan with style and function can be easier than you think! Wayne’s Home has the furniture you need for a beautifully functional open floor plan home in Coastal Virginia. Bring comfort to your home by visiting our furniture store today!

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