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Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces - Tips from Waynes Home

29 Apr 2024
Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces - Tips from Waynes Home

Designing and decorating a home is fun, but it can be a real challenge in small spaces. Fitting the furniture properly, and sparing some extra space to move in the room may not be an easy task. At this point, multifunctional furniture can be a perfect lifesaver for you. 

Multifunctional furniture includes sofas, beds, tables, storage solutions...etc. Depending on your priorities, you can choose from a wide range of practical furniture alternatives. A lot of furniture stores are offering multifunctional décor items nowadays. In this post, we are sharing some of the best multifunctional furniture items to help you use your living space more economically. 

What Are Some Transforming Furniture Ideas Trending These Days?

Here are the most popular functionality suggestions for small spaces:

Murphy Bed:

Murphy beds are incredibly practical as they are folded up easily and placed into the wall. You can just take it out when you want to sleep. During the daytime, there is a huge space saving in your room.


Futons are highly popular in bedrooms or living rooms. They are simple sofas with no arms on the sides, and you can easily make it into a bed when you need to. 

Lift-Top Coffee Table:

A lift-top coffee table offers both a regular table to serve food and drinks and brilliant storage for blankets, TV accents, books, or magazines.

Expandable Table:

A larger dining table is really convenient when you have guests. However, if you lack enough space, and you don’t have guests, a smaller table would be better. So, a dining table with an extension is a lifesaver for you. They don’t take up larger space when you don’t need to.

Nesting Table:

Nesting tables are a set of a few tables that graduate in size so that you can place one over the other. So, when they are not in use, they take up space as much as a single table could do.

Ottomans With Storage:

Ottomans can vary in shape, size, and style. But they are always practical and portable seating alternatives to regular chairs or armchairs. If you need some extra space for storage, then consider buying ottomans with storage.

Storage Solutions

If you want to know how to get more storage, these tips are for you:

Storage Beds:

A bed is not only a bed. Storage beds are probably the most common way to save some space for storage. 

Headboards With Shelves:

Headboards are good especially when they offer you a larger storage space. You can use a headboard shelf for books, radio, or even a television.

Benches With Storage:

Benches are good for short-time seating as in the hall or next to the entrance door. They can also provide you with excellent storage.

Sofas With Built-In Bookcases:

You can combine seating with a nice storage idea by employing a sofa with a built-in bookcase. It is a great way to maximize the vertical space in your home.

Wall-Mounted Desk:

A wall-mounted desk, also called a fold-down desk, disappears into the wall when you are not using it. So, you don’t have to compromise productivity to save space in your room.

How Can I Save Even More Space?

If the abovementioned storage tips and multifunctional furniture ideas don’t work for you, here are some further suggestions:

Loft Beds: 

Loft beds are great if you need a small but efficient living space, e.g. study, under your bed. A loft bed is also a fun addition to your room as well as a smart use of the limited space.

Daybeds: You can consider a daybed for your smaller rooms, which offers both eating and sleeping in one.

Folding Chairs:

Instead of keeping your chairs permanently, you can opt for folding chairs to clear the area when you don’t need seating.

Modular Furniture:

If your expectations from a piece of furniture might change over time, you can prefer modular furniture so that you can rearrange and combine the pieces for different purposes.


You can’t use a mirror for extra storage or seating, but it is still possible to make your space feel larger by placing mirrors strategically.

Additionally, keep in mind that clean lines and light colors make your space look more spacious. Also, choosing furniture with wheels helps you a lot in carrying it from one spot to another in your home.

What Is Wayne’s Home Offering Me?

Wayne’s Home is an excellent furniture shop in Virginia, the US. We have stores in Chesapeake, Manassas, Newport News, and Norfolk. We value our customers and offer high quality at the best prices.

We are dedicated to transforming your furniture shopping experience. Offering a wide range of home furniture, Wayne’s Home is sure to provide you with what you need. Our team is made up of highly talented people who are ready to make your dreams come true.

Whether you have a large, medium, or smaller home, there are always perfect additions for your home at Wayne’s Home stores. Ranging from bedroom sets to lighting fixtures, our product variety will surprise you.
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