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21 Dec 2023

If you are buying a couch, there are several things you must consider, if you have kids or pets in the house, where your couch will be placed, and so much more! These considerations will help you determine the best fabrics to use on your couch so that you won’t have to worry about wear and tear or replacement for years to come! At Wayne’s Home in Coastal Virginia, we’ll work with you to get you the couch fabric that best suits your home and your needs, so read more for some factors to consider when shopping for a new couch!


If you want to go the economical way, we recommend faux-luxury leather. Faux materials are very durable and withstand scratches and wear and tear that can damage or ruin genuine leather. In addition to being more durable, faux materials do not stiffen and crack, as genuine leather is prone to do and they are easier to keep stain-free. Because this option is also cruelty-free, it’s also perfect for vegan homeowners and renters!


Kids can be messy and careless with their crafts, markers, paint, and toys, so as a parent, it’s best to consider how your children will impact the life of your potential new couch. The couch materials that are best suited for families with children are ones that can quickly be wiped and don’t stain, tear, or damage easily! Microfiber is a stain-resistant option that can easily be cleaned with water, and other kids-friendly materials include vinyl, wool, and denim, which are durable and stylish!


If you have a dog or a cat, the best material for your living room sets is microfiber. Microsuede is a long-lasting, synthetic material that’s easy to clean and hardly scratches or rips, and will not trap hair from shedding. Some pet-parents also prefer leather over synthetics because it’s easy to clean, hardly stains, and does not collect much pet hair. However, natural leather is costly and can be easily scratched, so if your cat or dog is prone to using their claws on the couch, you may want to steer clear!


Finally, you can choose to prioritize comfort and enjoy the benefits of woollen fabrics. These fabrics are versatile as family couches; your kids will enjoy it, pets will love it, and they tend to be durable and elastic. Also, a chic woolen fabric is breathable, so it’s more comfortable to sit on in humid seasons and remains healthier than other fabrics, which may retain moisture or or spills more consistently.

It’s always good to consider your family’s needs when getting a couch. Think of the children in the house, pets, or other factors, then let Wayne’s Home help you decide on the best fabric to choose for your living room furniture sets! We have all the options you need, so if you live in Coastal Virginia, contact us and get the best couch to settle into your new living room today!
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